Processes and Outcomes

Processes and Outcomes


Processes that provide positive changes

The overarching goal is enjoyment. The process of working with a coach should be enjoyable and fun with the outcome being better performance at work and importantly, enjoying what you do.

Debora creates an environment that enables these positive changes to be made.

You can expect professional guidance, expert advice, and a clear, concise programme with achievable goals and measurable results.

The process begins with understanding your objectives before delivering a full proposal and costing, based on your requirements.

In the beginning.

  • Understanding the brief, gaining clarity and defining key objectives.

A ’chemistry’ meeting is organised to determine fit.

  • When clients have very specific objectives, Debora occasionally recommends working with a trusted partner from her network.

Agree outcomes, criteria for success, modus operandi and next steps.

  • Most programmes operate as a ‘partnership’ however, there is the opportunity to involve a line-manager depending on individual needs and the structure of the organisation.

Agree number and type of sessions.

  • The number and type of sessions will vary depending on our plan and desired outcomes. The process for learning, review and feedback will be based on the programme objectives.

Collate 360 feedback.

  • If appropriate feedback is collated either through a bespoke questionnaire or applied using proven psychometric techniques. This is dependant on outcomes and next steps.

Final stage: Review.

  • Evaluate our success criteria and the success of our working relationship
  • Feedback form is completed