Our Programmes


Unique, bespoke and impactful

Debora’s expertise has enabled her to identify the key areas where individuals and organisations benefit from professional guidance. Each programme has been carefully designed to address the challenges encountered in business.

Every situation requires a unique solution and through a collaborative process programmes can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual and the organisation.   Debora’s experience and commercial understanding together with her openness and authenticity enable clear, effective communication with clients.

All programmes are unique and impactful, often leading to profound personal transformation.

Below are the different programmes that Debora can offer you or your business. Please click on a heading for more infomation.

Thinking Partner Programme

A ‘thinking partner’ is more than a coach.  It is a trusted advisor, providing relevant and meaningful insight.

Working with Debora as your thinking partner, you will develop a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.  By formulating goals for personal and professional development, Debora aims to develop confidence and competency, guiding you in the right direction and supporting you in making the right decisions.

Executive Coaching

Taking a holistic approach to coaching, Debora focuses on your professional goals; the goals of your organisation; and your personal goals, as this is often where transformation begins.    Debora will facilitate efficient and effective changes by encouraging you in exploration and challenge.

Experienced in individual coaching at an executive level, she also has extensive experience in team coaching for leadership and management groups.

Leadership Mentoring

The management and leadership programmes are designed to address the challenges of business as well as any organisational problems.  With a background in strategic HR Debora has experience of varied and complex professional issues. She uses her knowledge and experience to develop bespoke mentoring programmes that can be implemented at both an individual and organisational level.

Team Coaching and Team Development

Collaboration underpins the team coaching and development programmes.  By listening carefully to the issues and objectives, Debora implements strategies to work both at an individual level and with the team to consolidate and improve communication and team competencies.  She is experienced at using techniques for improved self-awareness, invariably creating a positive impact on all areas of life.

Bespoke Development Programmes

Using a synergistic process, unique programmes can be developed to suit the needs of each client. Bespoke programmes are tailored to achieve transformation and lasting change for both the individual and the organisation.

Leadership and Intuition in Practice

A programme designed for leaders who want to combine intellect and experience with inner-wisdom. You will be guided to trust your judgements and decisions to further your development both professionally and personally.   All organisations operate as an eco-system; by understanding the interconnectedness of the self, the other and the organisation, you will learn to enhance your intuition to create opportunities and overcome challenges.

All Debora’s programmes aim to empower you and your organisation to perform better, meet your goals and importantly enjoy what you do.

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