Client Case Study 1


Hear from past clients

Case Study 1: Steve Batchelor, COO Hg Capital

How did you get to know me?
Via a recommendation – was very impressed by Deb’s approach and style, so have also subsequently recommended to many other senior and junior colleagues within Hg; which has been great and very effective!

What have you/the team got from working with me?
An independent voice, someone you can trust, a person who can bring clarity and common sense (and nuance) to challenging situations; always providing strong counsel and advice to those she works with.

What has been the process?
Iterative but series of helpful and practical sessions, deepening trust and confidence over time. One on

one sessions all the way through to broader group events.  I think as Debs has got to know us better over time, the quality of impact has also increased and improved even further

What impact have you seen?
Very positive impact.  Great for people to have an outlet, receive good independent advice and develop their own thinking / skill-set.  Debs really cares and it shows in the quality of her work and her interactions.  Hence the number of internal recommendations!

What would you say to anyone considering me as a coach/facilitator?
Do it!  There are many coaches and facilitators; but I haven’t come across any with the judgement skills and mentoring that Debs provides.  We have seen a massive benefit – and we were probably on the more sceptical end as a group at the very start of the process

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